Our Recruiters

Judy Brolick
Mobile: (940) 395-4296
Industry: Metals, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Marine
Email: judy@mridallasirving.com

Jude Plawecki
Mobile: (214) 325-1242
Industry: Agriculture, Military, Medical, Automotive
Email: jude@mridallasirving.com

Don Swift
Mobile: (765) 617-5510
Industry: Chemical, Oil & Gas, Construction, Machine Tool
Email: don@mridallasirving.com

Jack Browne
Mobile: (940) 447-1618
Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Power
Email: jack@mridallasirving.com


"Dallas-Irving Associates is now our exclusive recruiter. Not only do they provide us with the best Candidates but their attention to detail and follow-up is unbelievable. We utilized them for all our engineering and operation needs".

-VP Human Resources, Fortune 500 Corporation, Connecticut

"Make no mistake, not all Recruiters are the same! Dallas-Irving Associates is clearly well above the rest. Their process is quite efficient and seamless".

-Director of Recruiting, Major Defense Contractor, Pennsylvania.

"If you want a recruiter that is a no nonsense straight talking business partner then I highly recommend that you work with Dallas-Irving Associates".

-Principal, Top 20 Construction Firms in the US. Illinois

"The recruiters at Dallas-Irving Associates are truly qualified to do the searches we need. Not only do the know their industries but many of them actually worked within the industry that they now recruit in".

-Major Consumer Products Company, Ohio

"We were looking for our VP for 12 Months and had used four recruiters with no luck. We called Dallas-Irving Associates based upon a referral I had from a colleague of mine. They found the candidate within 2 weeks".

-Human Resources Manager, Missouri

"Dallas-Irving is the best retained search recruitment firm I have every used in my 35 years as an HR executive. They have placed many candidates with us and we have had no issues with any of them".

-VP Human Resources, Hi Tech Manufacturer California

"What a relief! Dallas-Irving Associates does recruiting the old fashion way. They actually talk and listen to people and their business is built on solid relationships and integrity. We strongly recommend them."

-President, Florida Construction Company

"I actually had a Recruiter that knew more about my business then I did! Dallas-Irving Associates is the best."

-Human Resources Manager, Fortune 100 Company Texas